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A freelancer’s experience – it is great to work by one’s own rules!

Co-working in ICT Hub, young, intelligent and enthusiastic people who go in the direction of accomplishing their goals.

First Friday in November will also be a Co-working open day in ICT Hub. Anyone who wants to feel conditions and atmosphere in a co-working space may come and assure themselves in what a working day looks like at our place. We are waiting for your applications on the mail, and we hope that after meeting ICT Hub will become your new address and the place where you are most productive.


If you are indecisive and unsure what co-working means precisely and what its advantages are, then do read what one of our inhabitants, freelancer Nikola Jovanovic, says about it.

Having graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and after a couple of years of working in an internet marketing agency, I gained different experiences regarding the situation and ways of running business in Serbia. I learnt how companies worked, how one can approach them and offer his/her services. All the time I was employed the idea of starting my own business was set in my mind as something which is the only way I can be happy and satisfied. I am still unsure whether I was brave enough or crazy, but anyway, towards the end of 2015, in a country with a high rate of unemployed, I, with stable and secure job, decided to quit and embark on entrepreneurship waters.

It’s great to work by one’s own rules!

I am not a typical freelancer. I have a registered company and 7 workers with whom I provide services to my clients. I am currently dealing with creating or improving internet presentation of companies from different industries in Serbia and the region, with the aim of increasing sale or awareness of a brand. What looks like a freelance way of working is that I do not have permanent working hours, and none of my employees are permanently employed, but they work when they want, from the place which suits them best, as long as deadlines are respected and a high-quality service is offered.

I myself chose ICT Hub as my working space for several reasons. On the first sight, it is a very approachable working space, equipped in a modern way, which is in itself a good enough reason to make such a decision, but ICT Hub is much more than that. Apart from offering help in various segments necessary for starting a young business and its functioning, as well as useful and interesting workshops and lectures, this place is full of young, smart, enthusiastic people who strive towards achieving their goals. To be in such an atmosphere, to meet the people similar to you, to exchange ideas and help – all of it is something that would be impossible to realize by working in one’s own office or home.

As I have already listed, all elements for success are there and all we have to do is follow our ideas and do our best to reach the goals we set for ourselves, in order to be truly happy and satisfied.



We are constantly searching for good, fresh ideas to give them the chance to become a successful IT business.




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