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What do i actually get for 65 Euros?

First and foremost, ICT Hub offers the most up-to-date office space in the region where you will have a possibility to convert your ideas into a product in a controlled and protected environment. At ICT Hub you get full logistical and technical support which effectively means the following: your own workspace (office space), fast Internet connection, Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire space, shared premises, meeting rooms, receiving and sending mail, redirecting mail, necessary hardware and software on the most up-to-date cloud computing platform whose performance is fully adjusted to meet your project’s needs. All this is at your disposal 24/7. Instead of looking for your workspace on your own and paying the rent as well as for the infrastructure, at ICT Hub you have everything you need, and much more: business trainings and counselling in start-ups and traditional business management by local experts who will share with you their experiences, but also assist you in implementing your ideas. In addition, another important characteristic of this Center for technology entrepreneurship development is a specially designed program scheme with flexibility and personalization capability to suit your team’s specific needs. Acquired know-how and experience at ICT Hub remains as a permanent foundation and resource for its future operation.

Does ICT HUB lay claim to intellectual property of projects and stake in ownership of start-up companies?

No. ICT Hub has a “no-equity model”. We do not lay claim to either an ownership stake in a start-up company, or intellectual property created at ICT Hub. Everything remains fully owned by ICT Hub tenants, as specifically stipulated by contract.

How is ICT HUB space designed?

ICT Hub office space is located in the Science and Technology Park “Zvezdara” (building A5, 2nd floor), with a surface area of 495 m2 (excluding the shared premises of STP “Zvezdara”), thereby further reinforcing the reputation of and promoting it as local ‘Silicon Valley’. The whole ICT Hub space is available to you, including 40 workplaces, a conference room, a meeting room, leisure space, as well as shared co-working space, and the entire staff, from director, through program coordinator, to office manager who are at your disposal regarding any current operational, technical and program-related inquiries.

Is the USD 50 the price per individual or per project?

The price of USD 50 a month, its equivalent in RSD, for ICT Hub service applies to an individual. If more than one individual works on the same project, you are to sign up as a team and each person on the team pays the said price.

I’ve got an idea which will surely succeed. Must i fill in the aplication form?

No matter how brilliant the idea, you must fill in the application form as a prerequisite to be invited for an interview with the ICT Hub team which is to review your idea.

May I apply with several projects?

ICT Hub is constantly looking for good IT solutions. Hence, you may submit your ideas all year round. The best ones will be given a chance to be implemented at ICT Hub.

If we are a team entering a joint project, are we to apply just once as a team or separately as individuals?

Teams with joint projects or ideas submit only one application form to be filled in by a team member in his/her capacity as the team leader, whereas others involved are to be listed as team members.

How can I know that someone will not deliberately put aside and subsequently use it as his/her own idea?

ICT Hub shall sign a business cooperation contract with each applicant thereby assuming an obligation to fully protect the ideas and projects submitted by applicants in the open competition, meaning that the said projects and ideas cannot be communicated to third persons for any other purpose except for the purpose of selection of projects as part of the competition.

Will ICT HUB provide for investment and financial support to projects?

ICT Hub shall not be bound to fund the projects and invest in the users’ companies other than covering the difference between the monthly subsidized fee of USD 50 per person and the full actual cost of USD 200 per individual.
However, over the course of the project, the entire ICT Hub team will be working towards bringing the start-up companies and potential investors together by way of looking for either potential strategic investors or financial support required to make your products and put them on the market.

Who may apply? IT firms which have been in business for a while already, natural persons involved in this field or non-governmental organizations (NGOs)?

Idea/project and an individual (or a team) who are developing the idea are eligible to be admitted to the competition. There is no a pre-defined competitive advantage in terms of business background, whether the company has already been established or is yet to be set up, etc. On the other hand, one of the important selection parameters is the assessment of a candidate’s ability to implement the proposed project.

Must an applicant’s idea be original, or may it well be an idea existing already abroad, but for which it would be good to be developed in these parts as well?

ICT Hub shall sign a contract with each user whereby, inter alia, the applicant confirms his/her copyright ownership over the project submitted as part of the application, as well as that the project is not liable for third-party claims or entitlements. This effectively means that you are liable for the project over which someone else already holds a copyright. Such a contract is not intended to deter potential users from applying, but is, above all, a consequence of the real-life fact that we are all witnessing to successful new projects based on the development of already implemented ideas. Hence, we must clearly define the issue of liability in the event of a possible breach and violation of copyright.

Does ICT Hub invest in independent IT projects?

ICT Hub is center for technology entrepreneurship development that helps technology-based entrepreneurs successfully develop their product and move onto the funding stage and market launch, but it does not offer investments.

How can I become a mentor or a lecturer?

If you are willing to invest some of your time and energy to support startups in ICT Hub, sign up now and become part of the new age of entrepreneurship in Serbia as a mentor. Send us an e-mail at and we will contact you shortly.

How does one become an ICT Hub partner?

If you want to support the development of ICT entrepreneurship, your support can be in resources, expertise and personnel. Contact us and make an appointment to discuss the possibilities of our cooperation.

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