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How to achieve top performance in IT? Be agile!

There is no doubt that the IT industry is the healthiest sector of the Serbian economy. If there is anything we can boast about, it’s the number of IT companies “springing up” every day, as well as the projects we receive from abroad. We do our best to keep up with new trends when it comes to technology, and managing product development process (software).


Across the globe, there is a lot of hype around different methodologies of project management − from traditional methods of project management, to the now globally accepted AGILE APPROACH.

What is the difference between traditional and Agile methodology?

Traditional methodologies are carried out in stages, where one stage follows the previous one and there are no iterations. Many people criticize this methodology, especially when it comes to software development, because it makes it necessary to precisely plan out every detail and feature before going into development, and making changes later in the process is either impossible or very expensive.

On the other hand, Agile methodology (such as Scrum or Kanban, for example) argues that it is good to make changes during the development process and that changes should be made constantly because they bring improvement. Also, iterative development reduces the cost of these changes, because a change in a small segment of the project costs a lot less than a change on a finished project. It’s because of these characteristics that this is called Agile methodology.

What is the most frequently used framework within Agile methodologies?

There are various methodologies that give excellent results in the process of software development depending on the type and needs of the company, but the most frequently used one is the Scrum framework. Scrum is an incremental and iterative approach to software development. Incremental approach signifies that software is developed step by step, while iterative method implies a strategy of scheduling in which software is developed through a series of predefined time periods.

What is the goal of Agile methodologies?

There has been a lot of talk about AGILE in Serbian IT companies as well:

  • How does it improve organizational performance?
  • How does it motivate employees?
  • How does it increase client satisfaction?

The goal of Agile methodologies is to have developed features that could potentially go into production at the end of each iteration (not every time necessarily). By being able to respond quickly to market changes, an organization can ensure market competitiveness. In addition, because of the high involvement of developers in the process of planning and presenting features, experts believe that agile software development increases motivation and employee satisfaction. The emphasis is on teamwork and all stakeholders are included in the process. Communication with the client and management is constant and, therefore, everybody is in the loop during the development process. A software is constantly upgraded according to the client requirements, and tests prevent mistakes from happening during subsequent changes, which ensures the quality of the final product!


Aleksandra Kebić
Marketing & PR Manager
Agile Serbia & Puzzle Software



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