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Uradi-zaradi, our developing company, is online marketplace where any person can post simple, one-time task. This way, he or she will find a solution for tasks that can take a lot of time or energy. On the other side, someone who wants to earn extra money can apply and complete the same task.

By conecting two sides, task posters and taskers, we are providing a solutions for all of them, as we are creating a place where people with shortage of time can meet people who will help them with that problem.

Our mission is to provide more free time to our users, which they can spend with their loving ones or they can just relax, without thinking about everyday`s stressful situations.


BRAIN PROPAGANDA is an agency for neuromarketing consultance.

Due to extremely competitive markets a lot of new product launches fail within a year. Most of the time traditional marketing tests provide inaccurate results and they usually ran on a restricted scale.

That’s how the products and services are becoming less and less effective in reaching consumers. By using knowledge of neuroscience and powerful innovative technology Brain propaganda offers the most accurate consumer insights. This powerful software solution is used to monitor and record reactions to printed campaigns, tv and radio commercials, museum exhibitions and all other fields where user experience is relevant. It reveals brain waves and gives the information about emotional engagement, positive and negative feelings.

Experts monitor the factors influencing the brain activity, consumers’ physiological state or the decision making process. These information are crucial for understanding better products or services and to identify the points which should be developed or improved.


CONNECTAD 360 is a full service digital agency which manages sale increase among clients from different industries by using internet marketing tools. We are focused on creating special (tailor made) solutions so that we can help every client in an optimal way when it comes to maximization of sale results or building consciousness about a brand.

We care about our client’s whole internet presentation, starting from website creation and design, to creating content and annoouncement.


EduLab deals with the promotion of education, organization of multidisciplinary tournament FLL (First Lego League), Team Building activities, as well as the education of students and teachers to use Lego Education didactic materials.


Poslonaut is an application that makes it easy for people to find jobs.

New application for job search, Poslonaut, allows you to only in few minutes find a potential employer via your smartphone . According to their location users can browse the available job postings and immediately contact the employers and find out more details about the future workplace.

Adrenalyn mapp

The young startup team of Adrenalyn Mapp has recently launched its first product, a mobile application called Longboard Mapp. The first team was formed at the StartUp Weekend in 2014 at the initiative of Nenad Kosović who came up with the idea to create an application that will make it easier for extreme athletes to search for the ideal place to practice their sport.

Adrenalyn Mapp team now has eight members and they all are in various professional spheres, but one thing they share is the love of extreme sports. Longboard Mapp was launched on 14 February and in just 10 days it was downloaded nearly 300 times from Google Play Store. In the last month the team has received positive reviews from more than 40 countries around the world in which many users have expressed that they are eagerly awaiting the iOS version of the application that will soon be available, just like the version for Windows Phone.

Adrenalyn Mapp team does not plan to stop at Longboard Mapp application. What’s more, they want to create the largest global map of extreme sports. It’s only a matter of time and money when they will expand their project to other extreme sports that have been in expansion in the last 20 years and which represent an interesting market.

Bincode Entertainment

Svarog: The Awakening – the first game for mobile devices where you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Slovenian mythology. Belgrade-based company “Bincode Entertainment” is currently working on this title.


Blaypad is a Web application available for all mobile platforms that serves as a unique substitute for gaming controllers. The joy that Blaypad provides is unique due to its characteristics, such as vibration effects, gyroscope and accelerometer of your mobile device.

There’s a possibility of using Blaypad on large number of gaming platforms, but currently PC is its native platform. The users are able to personalize Blaypad in order to satisfy their desires and gaming needs in the best way possible.

Blaypad – a unique software solution that solves the problem of a lacking game controller in a practical way.

Autoaukcija is an internet platform specialized for auction selling of second-hand vehicles and vehicles destroyed in accidents and is intended solely for legal entities. In the era of internet business we created a market that gathers and helps legal entities to sell/buy destroyed/functional cars via auction in a simpler, safer and more efficient way.


We came up with CAR:GO, a quick, efficient way to get from A to B in Belgrade without the hassle of the bus, hailing a taxi, or circling for hours to park.

CAR:GO has been designed to be fast, reliable, and easy. Not to mention good value! The app you install on your phone allows our drivers to find you fast and get you where you want to go. And because of our exclusive pre-payment system, the ride is already paid by the time you get there.



City Map

CityMap is mobile and Web application designed for simple and very fast search of locations, products and services on these locations. Application’s goal is to provide reliable information to user about locations and products and help them with shortening search time. On the other side, application provides market analysis on specific area for retailers, i.e. analysis of supply and demand of products supported by that retailers. Application is multilingual, so it provides users search for products no matter where they are and what language is used to name them which is very important feature for tourists. 




Enovativ is a digital agency found in the beginning of 2015. with goal to build and adapt digital experience for SMEs. After few months we had over 25 successful projects and very pleased clients, with results and conversions they are achieving now through our service. We specialize in creating online strategies, creating web sites, mobile apps, complete internet marketing including social media and google marketing, email marketing, design… We also have 2 in-house projects: Moobey & Teillor.

  • Moobey > Online booking of daily or few days adventure journeys/trips in Serbia. Visit:
  • Teillor > Online shop for different kinds of clothing items, which are tailored by other residents of Serbia, the jobless tailors. Visit:
footy logo


Footy is a game controller for moving in virtual space. Using foot movement you can move through your favorite game or you can use it while working on a 3D model and animation. With Footy you get a complete sense of reality. Thanks to a large number of enhancements and macro funcionality, the posibilities of this device are practically limitless and users themselves can find new uses for it depending on their needs.



happi is the world’s first mood tracker, based on emoticons and emojis we’ve exchanged in different messages. Its goal is spreading positive energy and motivation, and it will not ontly give you some interesting statistics (like number of happy, sad or love emoticons and emojis you’ve received from or sent to different contacts in a certain period), but help you remember and celebrate different jubilees as well – big or small. For example, a 1000th with Mark or the first with Emily. As happi grows, it will get some new features, i.e. motivational messages in notifications, gratitude diary, sharing happy moments etc. Basically, we happi will be a nice, interesting and unique product that makes people happier.


happi ppl, or the team behind happi, is Marija Milosevic (developer), Aleksandar Zdravkovic (graphic designer) and Milos Belcevic (content strategist). They plan to use technology and new communications to help bring positive social and personal changes through other projects as well.

logo final-01


Ino Agency is the fastest growing Balkan agency working in the fields of International Education and Admission Preparation. We have extensive network or contacts with clients throughout the SEE regions, preparing students for admission process and internships. Also we are working as the intermediate point for students and private universities. We run 3 regional sites on education and work abroad:

Kako na master (in Serbian), Kako na Posao (in Serbian), Studimet Jashte Vendit (in Albanian) which are seen as the main source of information for anyone aiming to study abroad.


Radionice is a curated web shop for handmade products, geared to the niche that of customers interested in buying unique, high-quality items. Each craft workshop has to be approved by fulfilling certain criteria such as: design, quality of production and of the materials. Each workshop has its profile page on the website with professional photographs (made by the Radionice team) of the producers and the products as well as a detailed description of the makers, so that buyers have an idea from whom they are buying the products.

RealScape Technologies

RealScape Technologies is a software company specialized in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for the Real Estate Industry.
Our target audience includes Real Estate developers, Real Estate investors, Construction companies, Architects, Interior designers, Real Estate Agents and Property holders. They are using our apps and services to visualize their projects in 3D, AR, VR, from concepts, ideas to detailed floor plans, 3D landscapes, exterior and interior designs, furniture.
Our apps and services are used by B2B development, investment, sales and end sales to individual customers.
We are based in Belgrade, Serbia and our offices are in Belgrade, Mumbai and New York.


This is an application for mobile devices developed in the ICT Hub-in by the Orion Telekom development team. This is a completely domestic product, the result of deep analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of popular communication applications, such as Skype, WhatsUp, Viber… Currently the version for the Android operating system is in development, but versions for iPhone and Windows Phones are also in plan.

Briefly, the Ring+ allows you to use a landline phone number on your mobile device. In addition to conventional telephoning Ring + enables video calls and exchange of text messages with a landline number with all domestic and international mobile operators, which is a unique service in the domestic market. In addition, the exchange of messages among users of Ring + applications will be possible. All the mentioned benefits illustrate the improvement of only two functions that have not been available in a single application until now.

Demonstration of many functions and simplicity, using the existing directory to the user phone as a base, the option of using stickers as part of SMS messages etc., clearly shows that the application is created considering the remarks and wishes of users. With capabilities that provide “full functionality and reliability and all in one place”, the application is not leaving a lot of space for the toughest critics.

The only prerequisite for the use of these applications is Internet access.



Discover and Support New Sport Heroes

Sport. Fund is a global crowdfunding platform for athletes, sports organizations, societies, institutions, and all individuals and purposes in sports domain. Teams and individual athletes, as well as clubs, schools or other institutions or individuals associated with sport can use Sport.Fund to acquire funds for equipment, trainings, preparations, travel, rehabilitation and recovery from injuries, education or specialization in domain of sport or building or adapting  sports facilities.

Sport.Fund’s mission is to create new chances in the world of sports so that bigger and better things can be achieved, and also with the help of backers, to create a community that loves, understands and supports sports and all it’s challenging aspects. Our goal is to provide a working and permanent link between people in sports in need of funding and supporters that are willing and able to contribute to help them achieve professional greatness.


Solagro Team is a company made of young engineers, who work on the ideas and projects in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

We create new solutions for recycling available to everyone!

We want every individual, company and institution to contribute to a greener world by recycling on an easy accessible way!


SKYloggy is a platform which is consisted of a system for skydiving jump evidence (SES) and social network.

SES is offering electronic evidence of skydiving jumps and it prevents jumps falsification. This system can save lives, and besides it’s very easy to use, it provides a significant time savings.

Users can have a communication with all of other SKYloggy social network members (they may have access to all promotions and discounts of all skydiving centers), and also buy/sell skydiving equipment.

SKYloggy is unique service. All informations are stored on one place and the topics are related only to an area in which our users are interested in.

Goal of SKYloggy service is to attract and support as many people as possible to engage in skydiving.

Also, SKYloggy team plans to offer booking accommodation services near desired skydiving center.



CareTec® surface treatment is a chemical that once deposited atop suitable surfaces produces a protective coating repelling particles and liquids. It bonds chemically with glass, ceramic, metal, stone, wood, textile or any other oxide rich surface and creates a durable ultrathin layer. The coated surfaces become “Low Maintenance” with outstanding hydro- and oleo-phobic characteristics, suffer less deposition (dirt, sand, mineral depositions, vehicular emission etc.) and are much easier to clean. The technology was researched and developed in close collaboration with Advanced Materials Processing Laboratory, EMPA-Thun. It is proudly manufactured by Swiss-9, GmbH in Switzerland, an “EMPA Spin-off company”.



BizNet, MTS premium partner and strategic partner for selling and distribution of Telekom Srbija’s products and services to legal entities. As an agency for Web design and computer programming, they started an online mobile phones and equipment shop and in cooperation with MTS they offer an entire service in the domain of telecommunications.

By implementing advanced telecommunication solutions, they provide high quality services and accessability to small and medium-sized enterprizes. They also work on Telekom Srbija products and services improvement and on making procedures easier and they actively participate in the support and spreading of electronic business.


Taxify give taxi drivers and taxi companies the tools to win the UBERfication. We unite the regular taxi drivers in one Taxify application to enable highest reliability for customers. Taxi companies also can use our auto-dispatching system to more effectively manage vehicles in their network. Using Taxify taxi drivers earn more, users often pay less, but the whole taxi experience is enhanced. The service is already present in about 10 countries.
YSKRA logo-01

Yskra ICT

YSKRA ICT provides consulting services related to website and application development with the focus on user experience (UX design). We put user in the center of design, our method is scientific and based on research, testing and data analysis. You can find out more about UX design on company website  or on Novi Milenkovic portfolio.


We are a full-service marketing agency focused on building up successful ventures by providing inventive solutions with clearly measurable results.
Our unique, visionary approach will guide you in becoming a leader or keep you leading prosperously if you are already there.

Zanimljiva geografija

Zanimljiva geografija is a video game for Androids, based on the social game with the same name which is played on paper, that enables you to test your knowledge against other players via bluetooth or Internet.


Firefly – SOS Mapping System

Firefly – SOS Mapping System represents Web service for fast mapping in the real world in order to manage resources at local, regional and national levels during crisis situations.



Kickbuddy makes it easier for football ballon owners to track their schedules. It also enables baloon management: noting maintenance expences, monthly financial reports based on the scheduled terms etc.



L@bLogistic is similar to eBay, but specialized for the transportation of goods. Using a mix of on-line tools, Vladimir created a simple auction site that has been successfully applied in the “TEST Company” over 25 times in the last 5 months, with savings from 50-400EUR in relation to the target prices (savings for the “TEST company” averaged around 800EUR per month). Vladimir come to the conclusions from the previous experience, and that is the following: out the most favorable price of transportation is not the one you are willing to pay, but according to which the others are willing to drive that, or can be found at the right time in a place that perfectly suits you, and that the mediators in the carriage ready to give up part of their earnings. The product is intended for small and medium-sized legal entities that use logistics services, intermediaries in transport, as well as companies engaged in transportation.


This app allows tourists to get to know the place they’re visiting in a completely different way. The idea is to create a new way of learning about local cultures, customs, traditions, thus providing a unique and complete touristic experience, by introducing tourists to locals with similar interests.


Omicron Software

Information system for organization and implementation of sporting events.



The project of a working title „OutdoorSerbia“ is meant to become the first web magazine that would bring news from the outdoor world. The idea is to make a community of outdoor and adrenalyn sports lovers at one place. We would publish news about different sports and products used during these activities, as well as interviews with people from this world, every day. Special attention would be dedicated to a segment where clients could be able to create their own content using announcements and reports from different outdoor activities.


Stone age wars

Stone age wars is a strategy game in which you need to make a team of prehistoric warriors who will fight against rounds of enemies. It is possible to promote the soldiers within teams to higher ranks. Each soldier has his own special abilities, as well as masks and weapons that enhance his abilities.



Alideda – alumni

Alideda is online food delivery service. Search restaurants and food by cuisine, price and location and order online. Home delivery just became easier. Forget complicated ordering via phone, Alideda is here.

Thoril – Connecting Game Makers – alumni

Petar Korda and Milan Jerković have designed a website that will bring together video game design. Anyone who has an idea for a game can apply and by using the site they will be able to assemble a team.

Smile in Belgrade – alumni

“Smile in Belgrade” is an agency providing dental tourism services. We are offering quality dental services to all foreign visitors of Belgrade at considerably lower prices than in their own countries.
This way they can save up to 70% on their medical expenses while receiving high quality services from fully accredited and experienced medical teams. “Smile in Belgrade” works with dental teams who have provided affordable dental care for over 3000 patients from Serbia and abroad. These experts have been proving their excellence for over 20 years.

FieldSkill – alumni

FieldSkill is another project by Milos Mirić. This platform is oriented towards companies that do work in the field (e.g. construction work) and it facilitates their coordination, it provides a quick and efficient interaction with clients and co-ordination of the activities in the field.
tenderi-online – alumni

Stefan launched website less than a year ago, a website that helps private entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises organize: their procurement system, stay in touch with all the tenders and public procurements of the Republic of Serbia…

Partybeacon – alumni

Đorđe and Ivan’s application will provide an overview of the events in the city with the possibility of sharing experiences with other users. At first, the Android app will cover Belgrade and it will be integrated with Facebook. There are also plans to include other cities and countries.

ivan janicic

CHATPtools – alumni

Ivan Jančić has made a platform for the design and implementation of information systems in which programmers, especially beginners, can: define the elements of the system and make their job easier, gain access to tool databases…

Learn2win2 – alumni

The idea emerged from the perceived lack of criteria when it comes to comparing consulting services.

The criterion that “learn to win, too” provides is a fast and free response from a professional consulting agency to the question of potential clients.
The questions are miscellaneous and responses are quick and short and they demonstrate the consulting agency’s ability to respond to possible future structured requests from the client.

The questions are miscellaneous and responses are quick and short and they demonstrate the consulting agency’s ability to respond to possible future structured requests from the client.


Interview coach – alumni

Vladimir Jovanović has developed a portal that helps job seekers present their qualities in a better way by completing a CV and thus increasing their chances of employment. . The portal also provides support to recruiters by offering a complete overview of applicants. In addition, Interview coach offers interview simulations in order to get users better prepared for the meeting with potential employers.

Emotate – alumni

Emotate is a social blog of Nikola Stamatović that allows its users to communicate their feelings through a new digital system of emotional expression. Each section of a text can be enriched with emotional annotation, where through icons, colors and names of emotions (88 terms) the reader could at first glance “understand the author emotionally” and respond using the same system…

Virtual advisor for connection of Teachers, Parents and Schools – alumni

Tomislav Glavaški’s concept is a program establishing communication between school, students and parents, with several functions: parent-class master communication, class timetable monitoring and change setting, activity monitoring (exercises, tests, homework …), tracking student’s marks. .. In addition to increasing transparency of the education process, the program connects and actively involves all three groups.


Onnice – alumni

Andrija Ćeranić’s Onnice is an office stationary for creating business materials (business cards, letters, presentations, memoranda, contracts) of superior quality by using templates and a simple query system -in the cloud, on your computer, phone … The basic account would be free while custom design and printing would be charged.


Hey gurl – alumni

Peđa Međedović has devised a specific female-oriented video game that targets younger teenagers, and is made for IOS and Android platform. The final version is expected in mid-2015.


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