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IoT Meetup + Garage Lab launch @ Playground

ICT Hub, BEUM and Jarovid are inviting you to the first IoT meetup, where you will have a chance to hear inspirational stories, examples of good practice and a bit of information on the current trends in the field. The meetup will take place on Thursday, June 15, at 18:00 in Playground, the ICT Hub’s newly opened space, at Kralja Milana 10 (entrance from Kosovke devojke).


At this meetup, ICT Hub will present to the public a new corner of Playground − Garage Lab − the new IoT laboratory, which will bring together a community of hackers, makers and all those who feel that way. The Lab is the result of a joint initiative from ICT Hub, BEUM Association and Jarovid, and represents a kind of workshop with equipment, tools and expert support for building and testing prototypes, but it will also serve to familiarize newcomers with electronics, sensors and technologies IoT is based on. In the coming period, Garage Lab will have its own program of workshops and will focus on organizing frequent meetups, bringing experts from abroad and, of course, making a lot of different cool gadgets.

In this meetup you will have the chance to hear:

  1. Borko Jovanović – Polyhedra
  2. Zoran Rončević – Udruženje “Maker”

After the official part of the program, you are invited to join us on a tour of the laboratory and a round of socializing next to the beautiful view of the Devojački Park.

You can confirm your attendance HERE.



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