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IT is a great industry that can give women a great deal of independence in all aspects of life

Today, we would like to introduce you to Kidster, a mobile app for parents who are looking to solve the problem of excess clothes that their children no longer wear. Two founders, Ana Vujisić and Marija Janjušević, who brought this idea to life, and who have had great success navigating the startup world, talked to us about their experiences.


What is new in Kidster? What are your most talked about topics these days?

These days, our focus is on our portal, and on growing the community of Kidster parents in the UK and the region. Our favorite part of the job is communicating with our users, and exchanging experiences and needs with other moms, so currently we are enjoying the process of modifying and designing our product to make it more convenient and easier to use for parents.

How do you respond to people saying that there are other ways to sell this type of product?

There are always different ways of doing something, and the same goes for buying and selling children’s clothes. Our primary goal is to save time for parents who are already too busy with all the tasks and obligations they have, which is why we have developed Kidster as a mobile app that encompasses all aspect of buying and selling children’s clothes in one place that parents can access on the go.

What are your experiences with StartLabs investment fund, from which you’ve received two rounds of investment? What are the major benefits (apart from the financial benefit)?

Maybe this is going to sound unexpected, but the financial aspect of the investment, although necessary, wasn’t as important to us as the technical support and the experience of the people in StartLabs. In every startup, the first investor has a great influence on the direction of product development and identification of target market. In that respect, we have been fortunate to work with a fund that understands our idea and overall vision, and we have had their full support throughout this entire process.

Have you ever encountered any type of prejudice, stereotype as women looking for success in the IT sector?

Personally, we can’t say that we have encountered any openly expressed prejudice, but we would often be the only two women in the room. The IT sector is changing and becoming aware of the necessity for female presence. I think that we will see the change in the near future and that the industry will become more open for women, but I see no reason why women shouldn’t venture and take the initiative by starting their own IT company.

Does the topic of ˮwomen in the IT sectorˮ only contribute to widening the gap between genders, or is it something that should be talked about in order to encourage and motivate women?

If we look at the number of women and men in the IT sector, the difference is more than obvious, and that is definitely something that should be talked about. It’s necessary to encourage both women and IT companies to start a dialogue, so that both sides could recognize the benefits. IT is a great industry that can give women a great deal of independence in all aspects of life, and IT industry needs the creativity and energy that more women would bring.

How critical was the state of your wardrobes when you first got the idea for this project? I’m sure you’ve talked about this before, but what is the story behind your idea?

Every mother knows how much clothes, good as new, remains after each child on monthly basis. When we decided to build our startup, we realized that one of the main prerequisites for success is to have a passion for the idea you plan to work on. Our passions, at this time of our lives, are our children. That was the initial motivation. The next question was: what is the biggest problem that we as moms face. The problem that proved to be universally the biggest problem for moms all over the world, was the amount of children’s clothes and the money spent on it.

What are your plans for next year (that you can talk about)?

Our plan, in the coming period, is to grow our online communities in the region and in the UK.



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