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It is a privilege to hear smart things from smart people


The new, third generation of inhabitants has recently started working hard in ICT Hub. Their progress, ideas they are working on and, hopefully, successful startup stories will have a place on our blog in the time to come. The focus is now on a startup whose development we have been following from the very beginning and on whose determination and dedication we are extremely proud of.

Since our door is still open to all freelancers, who can come within Coworking open day every first Friday in tha month, we have talked to one of our “veterans” who will depict experience, atmosphere and benefits of staying at ICT Hub.

Our interlocutor, Vladimir Despotovic, is a part of L@bLogistic-a, eBay for goods transport, which is another successful transport that found its place in ICT Hub. He is a member of the Second generation of inhabitants and already our “old” member, who has been building his startup story with us almost from the very beginning.

From his experience up to now, Vladimir advises that the best price of transport is not the one that you are ready to pat, but the one others are ready to accept to drive and be at the right moment on the place that suits you best, as well as that the mediators in transport are ready to give up on a part of their salary. The product is intended for small and medium legal entities that use logistic services, for mediators in transport, as well as for companies who deal with transport.

How the idea he has been developing works, it is best shown on a practical example where Vladimir created a simple auction website, using a mixture of online tools, which has been successfully applied in TEST company, saving 50-400 EUR compared to the target prices. The money saved for TEST company was 800 EUR per month on average.

You can follow more about this startup and its development on whereas current auctions are available on and the app for reverse auctions can be tested on

Vladimir did not quit his workplace where he had been working even before the startup story (yes, that is another option). This is what he says about his career: “I have been working for about 15 years in a company interCLEAN which deals with import, production and export, and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. One of the advantages of working in such a company is that you learn as you go.”

How did you decide to start with startup? “It just happened. I wanted to learn something new, and on my regular job, I started experimenting with auction booking of transport by using google spreadsheet and MailChimp. It took me two years to form a team that shares the same vision to gain the level of expertise of knowing transport industry.”

To what extent did the program you underwent help you? “Mentor Alex drew my attention to work within my domain of expertise. On the other hand, a whole startup world opened before me, with its methodologies for which I did not even know they existed.”

You still apply regularly for mentoring and workshops. When will be the end of your learning? “I feel privileged to hear smart things from smart people. Without my mentor Alex, I would develop copy/paste ideas and without ICT Hub I would feel professionally unaccomplished.”

What should be urgently changed in Serbia so that startup development could be easier? “I think that there is no angel investor, i.e. that we lack that investment step.”



We are constantly searching for good, fresh ideas to give them the chance to become a successful IT business.




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