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Online marketing in the startup world

Online marketing has almost entirely taken over the leading role over, now already traditional way of announcing such as radio, TV ads or bilboards. This is an excellent moment in the history of marketing for startup companies that can now create the content on their own and communicate directly with their potential or current clients. All of this is possible with substantially less assets, than it used to be the case.




Of course, all this is not as easy and simple as it may seem at first. Participants of our startup programme have Dimitrije Ostojic, a mentor, at their disposal, with whom we just talked about the importance of online marketing for startups, what the trends for 2016 are and what questions the owners are usually concerted about. Dimitrije is the owner of a creative studio for online marketing, web and graphic design DEFAULT design and the owner of portal, and an eternal optimist who sees opportunities in everything and he shared with us what opportunities digital marketing offers to startups at the very beginning.


Dimitrije stated that mentorship is important if we want to have a successful business. We have to be honest to ourselves. Nobody is perfect and nobody knows everything. By working with mentors we gain specialized knowledge from certain areas that can make the difference between what the business will be a success, or it will fall through soon. That is, after all, what gives a huge advantage to ICT Hub tenants.


“I personally have great experiences both with business beginners and the experienced managers who recognized the opportunities of online marketing and successfully applied the newly gained knowledge to their business model.” – Dimitrije Ostojić


Online marketing trends in 2016


With the advent of new year the question of trends arises brought by number 2016, while the leading trend in online marketing leads to focusing on the fact that the first display is now a mobile phone, not a desktop. Also, crowd sourced brand content is what will mark the following year. And what is that? That is trust in the quality of your product or basically that you cannot make the amount of content that your users can by sharing their experience about the very product.


What I would recommend for growth and positioning of every startup is certainly creating content of high quality – video content, first of all. High quality content gives us the possibility to test our products and services before physically producing them and to adjust them to the needs of our future clients in direct communication with them. The ideal way of communication is through webinars, podcasts and blogs and also by using new apps such as Periscope. One of more significant trends is the reduction of time for reaction to requests and questions of prospective customers. The success of a modern company no longer depends on whether the company is big or small, but on how fast it reacts to changes on market, how fast it adapts to technology and how much it cares about its clients.

As his biggest challenge through work with startups, Dimitrije said it was adapting to the specific startup requests, defining their ideal target group and creating the communication channels towards the group. “It is necessary to think at least two or three steps in advance and project in which way the product or the service we promote will change the lives of the ultimate users. It is also very important to maintain open communication and high engagement of the startup owner themselves in conducting the defined strategy.


FAQ that bother startups in online marketing


I have encountered various questions through work with ICT Hub members and other entrepreneurs so far. They are mainly related to creating an online sale strategy, how to communicate with their prospective client, which promo channels are the best and the most profitable for their business, website functionality, online communication and promotion via different online channels/social networks, as well as how to use their Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus contacts in the best possible way.


It makes him happy the fact that, by working on the education of entrepreneurs and the people who want to become that, the very questions are becoming even more complex, which additionally motivates him to find new ways of online communication and promotion of products and services of the entrepreneurs he collaborates with. “Honestly, I like the most when they pose me a question how to achieve a specific goal in 3 or 6 or 12 months. Then it is necessary to use up the entire knowledge and experience and to create a unique online strategy. That is the most difficult, but is also the greatest pleasure when the pleasure comes to realization. The questions are mostly general – the results are the ones that should be creative and bring results.” ;)




For the end of this interview, Dimitrije gave us a piece of advice: “Now is the right time to test you idea. Each of us has some specific knowledge which is wanted on global market. For job today you only need will, a good idea, a computer and a good internet connection. All the relevant and technical information are online, you just need to use them wisely.”


Work constantly on your education and do not give up if some project you are working on fails. It is all a part both of business and life. It is all a part of studying and working on yourself. It is necessary that you keep testing your idea. In that way you will improve it and adapt it to users and also make your project more profitable.




We are constantly searching for good, fresh ideas to give them the chance to become a successful IT business.




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