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SWW Solutions – They are developing new generation employee monitoring

SWW Solutions is developing a system that can provide employers with a complete insight into the activities of each employee during working hours. Employee scheduling with a demand-based schedule, briefing workers on future assignments, tracking location via GPS during working hours and monitoring arrival and departure times − these are just some of the system’s functionalities.

But we better let them explain it further…

sww solutions team

Who is the main „culprit“ for this idea?

SWW is a product that I wanted primarily for myself, because the market didn’t offer a solution designed for security companies that would provide a simple and easy way to organize and track workers’ attendance, monitor work output and process payroll. This gives me great advantage since I already know that the implementation of my idea will be of great benefit to companies.

How much research have you done before starting this project and what are your experiences in regards to employer-employee relationship?

I have been acquainted with this type of business and the way of running it for over five years. This has helped me recognize the problems that companies face and the most effective ways to solve them. In this business, even a five-minute tardiness on the part of a worker can greatly damage a company’s credibility. It’s not uncommon for a company to lose a client due to workers’ tardiness.

What are your experiences from ICT Hub? How did you first hear about us, how did you decide to apply, in what way has the program you’re currently attending helped strengthen your team?

I first heard about ICT Hub through a friend’s recommendation. I liked the story of ICT Hub, I sent in my application, and shortly after I received a call for a meeting. I had a meeting with Sandra. Sandra liked my idea and she suggested I present my solution to relevant companies in order to get feedback and adjust my solution to better fit the market needs.

I decided to do what she said, and after a few days, I went to Germany to talk to various owners of companies. My trip gave results, I made contacts even with a number of large companies, and thanks to that, I was able to adjust our solution to suit the needs of small, medium and large companies.

How much do mentorship and support mean at the very beginning? Were your expectations met, and what is something that, in your opinion, the program lacks?

Mentorship and support mean a lot at the very beginning. We received guidance that helped us develop our idea and create a profitable and sustainable business. It helped us recognize our shortcomings, which are easier to solve in the beginning, and it helped me improve my business skills. I especially want to mention that the mentoring session with Keith Ippel, the founder of the Spring University, was particularly helpful. My expectations were fully met. For any problem that we encountered we received help from ICT Hub. I couldn’t be happier with the program and the positive energy of the people in the Hub.

How long have you been developing your idea and what stage are you in at the moment?

We started working on our idea in August last year, and we expect to have our MVP by the end of March.

What will it take for your startup and the project you’re working on to become a standard when it comes to workforce management in companies?

It will take a lot of work, investment, overcoming challenges and struggles.

What markets have you explored? Did you make comparisons between Serbia and other countries in regards to this type of systems?

Our system was developed for the needs of German companies. Their way of operating is very similar to that of other companies in the European Union. This system can also significantly help Serbian companies to run their business.

What are your plans for the future, what is the next step for you and what is your long-term plan?

The next step is to have our MVP at the end of March. And the long-term plan is to have as many satisfied customers as possible.

SWW Solutions team: Dragan Usić  (CEO & FOUNDER), Radislav Janković (Chief Programming Officer), Aleksandra Hadzić (Graphic Designer), Dejan Stanojević (Database Developer), Miloš Jovanović (Software Developer)



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