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Training in the implementation of agile methodologies

30Hills and ICT Hub are organizing a series of free trainings on the topic of agile methodologies, with a goal to train a hundred young entrepreneurs to use agile methodologies, so as to ensure a faster and better development of local startups.


Why agile methods?

Agile methodologies have shown in the industry to be the only way to ensure a successful completion of a project. Here at 30Hills we have agile and lean methodologies integrated in our business. Based on years of experience in the world of software development, we know how important agile culture is. The advantage of using agile and lean methods is mainly reflected in better prioritization of activities, reducedbusiness risk, increase in productivity, better organization and greater team motivation.

Apart from wanting to contribute to better and faster development of local startups, we believe that advancement of youth, networking and mutual assistance form the basis of social progress and innovation.Every individual and organization has the responsibility to contribute to the society with what they do best.

Who is this training for?

Although,nowadaysthere is a lot to be read and heard about lean and agile methodologies, their implementation is very often unsatisfactory. This training is intended primarily for young entrepreneurs who have recently started their business, and are looking to better organize their resources. All startups are welcome, which means that they don’t have to be strictly from the field of information technologies. We recommend that already formed teams participate in the training, so that the agile methodology would be implemented in an easier and quicker way.

If you have a team and you want to improve your business and learn the best ways of implementing agile methodologies, your application is more than welcome!

The first one-day training session for 15 candidates will be held on Wednesday, July 26, in the Playground, ICT Hub’s newly opened center, at Kralja Milana 10 (entrance from Devojački park). You can confirm your participation HERE.

The applications are open until Friday, July 21.

About us

30Hills is a company founded in 2010,and provides web and mobile appdevelopmentservices, UX and UI design, data analysis, as well as project management services. Our partners are both startups and corporations. In the last 7 years, through the use of agile methodologies, we have launched over 20 startups worldwide. It is especially important for startups to be able to rely on the team that is dedicated to the development of their product in the period when their main focus isprimarily on seeking investment.

Also, corporations are increasingly recognizing the importance of agile methodologies, primarily because of the results that they produce. The agility brings primarily higher productivity, and with that faster and cheaper development.

Aside from helping development of other companies, we develop our own projects. One of those projects is Buildcon, a construction management app which has received investment from 500 Startups from San Francisco, and Seedcamp from London. Through Buildcon we alsocollaborate with companies Strabag and Lafarge.

ICT Hub is a center for development of technological entrepreneurship and innovation founded in 2014. ICT Hub’s main mission is to supportentrepreneurship, and connect businesses, technologies, innovations and user experiences. ICT Hub has launched the first Serbian private investment fund ICT HUB Venture, which will, in the period 2017-2018, invest in technological startups in the earliest stage of development, and has developed various programs to help traditional companies and corporations apply good practices and experiences in working with tech startups to their own innovation processes in the best way.



We are constantly searching for good, fresh ideas to give them the chance to become a successful IT business.




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