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Whisperr – a dating app that is unique for being based on voice

What would you say about another application for online dating? Do you think that in this area all have been already done? One of the teams from Generation 3 has something to tell you on this subject. Their idea, now a project in development, offering new options that will bring refreshment when it comes to online dating.

What is actually about?

Whisperr is a dating app that is unique for being based on voice. Users record their audio profiles and they browse audio profiles of others. Voice provides broader information about a person, and it beats any dating algorithm for successful matching, because an algorithm can’t predict who will provoke an emotional reaction in someone, or between which two people there will be chemistry. That is something we still need to do on our own, and our best option is to rely on voice to help us.

Who came up with the idea?

The idea for this app was inspired by psychological research that showed that voice is an effective tool for discovering people’s personality. It turns out that our perception is much more accurate if we listen to a person’s voice rather than look at their photo or even their video.

As one of the main complaints of users of dating apps is inaccuracy in profiles, we got the idea that voice could serve as that deciding factor, which would enable users to quickly gain better insight into the personality of their potential match. Voice easily reveals some obvious characteristics such as gender and age, which are so easy to misrepresent on traditional dating apps. But, apart from that, voice has the power to reveal some less obvious personality traits. When people get to know each other only superficially on an app, they often end up disappointed once they meet in person. Our goal is to help users get to know each other better so that they would have fewer unpleasant surprises or disappointments.

The way it all evolved?

The more we read and researched the subject of voice, we found more and more confirmation that we had a good idea. After conducting several surveys, we decided to turn our idea into reality. We started working with our friends in 30Hills. In the beginning, we only had a design for the app, but this is where ICT Hub came on the scene. Kosta was a very important person for the development of our app because thanks to him we came up with a way to make a version of our app that we could finance. Our friends from 30Hills then developed the app that is now on Google Play Store. ICT Hub does great work. Thanks to them we were able to learn a lot, to talk to different people who, in various ways, contributed to our development, and to progress more quickly because of that.

New York perspective?

There is no doubt that dating apps are becoming popular worldwide. But when it comes to New York, the city I live in, I can safely say that we are at a forefront of this phenomena. In New York nowadays, the use of dating apps has come so far that they are now the only way most single people find their dates. It is as common for singles to be active on online dating apps as it is common to have a Facebook profile. Furthermore, people don’t use just one app, but rather have profiles on multiple apps at the same time and are active on all of them. Also, people here are always open for something new and actively look for new dating apps. There is an entire industry built around dating apps: books, guides, courses, tutorials and blogs that teach people how to best use dating services and how to make the most popular profile.

Another thing I can say about New Yorkers is that they are fans of iPhone. Around three-quarters of people here use iPhone, which is why we plan to make a version of the app that they will be able to use as soon as possible.

What is in the focus at this point (problems and solutions)?

We are currently in the stage of testing the app, gathering feedback and making changes based on it.

One of the things we hear from our users is that they want us to add features that current version of Whisperr doesn’t have, but are contained in the original design of the app. Due to cost reduction, those features were put on hold, and for now, the only thing we can say to our users is to have patience.

Another thing we hear from a certain number of people is that they don’t like their voice, which is why they are reluctant to use the app. We remind them that in a situation when they are speaking to someone over the phone or in person, they don’t even think about their voice, that most people don’t like their voice and that there is no cause for concern. In the end, we advise them not to listen to their recording, but to focus on listening to audio profiles of other people.

There is also a number of people hesitant to use the app because they don’t know what to say. We remind them that the way you say something is much more important then what you say. A well-known study has shown that our liking of a person is based 7% on what they say, and 38% on the way they say it (the remaining 55% come form body language). This is why, on our app, we offer some ideas, suggestions and texts for users to read.

What is the next goal on the horizon?

Our next step is to invest in marketing and start user acquisition. We have many plans in this area. As far as the app development is concerned, we plan to make it available on iPhone and to add the omitted features. We have already come up with many new features, big and small, which will require a larger investment, and which will contribute significantly to making Whisperr more appealing to users and more fun to use. In this department, we have an abundance of new ideas, but their implementation will require an investment.



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